Home Design Digital Marketing Summit

Digital sands are shifting for luxury home design professionals’ personal and business branding, sale of design services and products, and participation in online marketplaces and forums that connects consumers with the design trade. Keeping up with internet marketing knowledge and the time it demands is an increasingly challenging, and sometimes intimidating, proposition for designers and design brands.  Don’t miss the Home Design Digital Marketing Summit this March at the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles  .  A blockbuster chance to hear from the most talented internet and design marketing pros, network with your peers, and attend outside events and parties hosted by the design industry around Los Angeles.



Digital Design Marketplaces and Platforms

  • Which ones offer the the best marketing opportunities for you?
  • How do your lines and products benefit through participation?
  • What creative strategies offer the best results?

E-commerce and Luxury Home Design

  • Is e-commerce for you?
  • What is the scope of issues your business will face selling online?
  • What are the best e-commerce tools for your company?
  • Who has had success in the home design sector and why?


Whether it is business or personal, branding drives sales conversion online and off.  Learn how!